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Getting a proper diagnosis is crucial if your skin has light spots and patches. There are several reasons why white spots and patches appear. You may be vitiligo positive. Another illness, such as tinea versicolor, is another possibility. A skin injury may potentially be the source of the white patches.Blood testing could be suggested if your dermatologist determines that you have vitiligo. An autoimmune condition is vitiligo. This indicates that the healthy cells in your body that give your skin its color are being attacked by your immune system. Vitiligo patients are more likely to develop thyroid illness and other autoimmune conditions. Autoimmune illnesses like thyroid disease can be found by blood tests. Your dermatologist will ask you whether you want to have the vitiligo treated after making the diagnosis. Some individuals opt not to. Vitiligo sufferer and model Winnie Harlow allows the public to see her skin as it is. Some people would rather use makeup, self-tanner, or skin dye to conceal the light areas than seek medical attention. Dermatologists provide procedures that can restore lost skin color if you want to treat vitiligo.

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