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The first signs of vitiligo are typically a few tiny, lighter spots that appear on the skin. These blotches might increase in size or remain the same size for years. Skin can develop fresh patches. The new patches might be near to or far from the current ones. Dermatologists refer to this condition as localized vitiligo if you get a few spots or patches that grow in one or several locations on your body. Generalized vitiligo is the term used to describe the condition when it results in sporadic patches of color loss on various body parts. Rarely, some people gradually lose the majority of their skin tone. It is referred to as universal vitiligo. It's impossible to gauge how much a person's skin will darken. The type of vitiligo you have also affects what you initially notice. Non-segmental vitiligo, the most prevalent kind, tends to spread slowly with new patches appearing intermittently throughout the course of a person's lifetime.

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