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Vitiligo is a skin disease in which skin starts losing its original color and turns up to white patches. The problem can occur at any stage or age. The expansion and rate of skin color loss are unpredictable. It may happen to all types of people but darker people may have the more visible signs. Sometimes, it cures very easily and sometime it may stay for a long. It can affect any skin area of the body. it may also affect the hair and mouth as well. As per dermatology, skin Colour depends on the melanin. Vitiligo occurs when the melanin dies or stops working. Vitiligo is not painful, life-threatening, and contagious. Vitiligo starts with a small patch and then starts spreading across the body slowly if not treated. It may take a week, or a month or a year to spread. The vitiligo signs are uneven in shape and after a time, there are chances of inflammation. Generally, it does not cause any discomfort, irritation, soreness, or dryness of the skin. Get the best treatment for White Patches at BALAJI SKIN CLINIC.

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