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W at BALAJI SKIN CLINIC provides the best treatment for Melasma. Melasma is a challenging complication for any dermatologist to treat. It basically refers to a skin affliction where spots appear that are darker than normal skin on the face, neck, back, upper lips, nose, and chin that refuse to go away with normal creams and lotion. There is no itching, pain, or soreness except for these dark spots which are not raised like keloids and they are also not raised. For cosmetic reasons, these spots can be a headache as it makes a person very self-conscious and he avoids public gatherings to avoid the stares from onlookers. Melasma is not known to be caused due to genetic factors and is neither passed on as heredity. Though, it may be possible that two siblings may have melasma while their parents may not have melasma. Any good BALAJI SKIN CLINIC will prescribe sun-blocking creams to camouflage the skin against skin damage as the first line of treatment. Skin lightening agents will reduce the intensity of the pigmentation and bring it in line with the surrounding skin.

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