Freckles Laser Therapy

Freckles are tiny, brown, or tan flat spots on the skin that primarily affect light-skinned people. They form in abundance on the face, but they may appear on any sun-exposed area of the body. They are neither harmful nor painful. Freckles are a result of a genetic predisposition and sun damage caused due to excessive exposure to UV rays. The skin absorbs UV rays and produces excess melanin that results in pigmentation in small patches. Typically, people who are fair-skinned, with light eyes and blond hair, are more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun and the subsequent formation of freckles. It is better to prevent freckle formation than go for remedial treatment later. People with known hereditary tendencies should start sun protection early, as sun damage due to UV rays often occurs in childhood. If you notice an unexpected discoloration on a particular area of skin or there is a sudden increase in the number of freckles, then visit us today at BALAJI SKIN CLINIC.

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