Excimer for Psoriasis Treatment

Photography means treatment with light. For decades, phototherapy generally relied upon surrounding the patient with full-length fluorescent light bulbs in a specially designed cabinet. In this way, the entire body could be treated with therapeutic ultraviolet light. Although generally effective, it can be somewhat troublesome to use phototherapy to treat small areas of the body. For example, what if someone just wanted their hands or feet treated? In these instances, a special booth with openings for the hands or feet can be used, sparing the rest of the body unnecessary exposure to ultraviolet light. Usually, two to three treatments with the excimer laser a week for about 10 to 15 weeks will achieve substantial improvement in the plaque of psoriasis. One major advantage of excimer laser treatment is that remission times are generally much longer than treatments relying on topical creams. Various brands of excimer laser equipment are now on the market. Medicare and most private insurance carriers will cover this treatment for suitable patients. The treatment is not suitable for all cases of psoriasis, so discuss the option with BALAJI SKIN CLINIC.

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