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As people have shifted towards a healthier life in the recent past, they lookout for a healthy appearance too. When we talk about healthy appearance, even the little things matter a lot. Good nails are essential to natural beauty. If they are healthy, they contribute to a better appearance. Dry, bitten off, cracked nails detract from the beauty of your hands and feet. So, in order to enhance your appearance, it is important to have lustrous, healthy and shiny nails. But why exactly does the condition of our nails deteriorate? Exposure to chemicals in detergents, washing powders and bleaches are very harmful for the health of our nails. Furthermore, our hands are soaked in water several times a day while indulging in chores, it is then accompanied by incomplete drying which makes the problem much worse. The nail plate is made up of dead keratin cells which are held together by a natural glue made of fats and water. Our nails become brittle or start flaking when the cells separate due to the loss of fats and water. Immature nail cells are soft and reflect light, thus they appear white. As the nail grows, these cells harden forming the normal cells. Damage to the growing portion of the nail due to any activity can interfere with the hardening of the cells of the nail. As a result, some cells retain their ability to reflect light and appear on the surface either as white spots or white streaks. The normal free edge of the nail also appears white because it is not attached to the nail bed and reflects light. Similarly, any nail problem which causes the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed can cause the formation of whitish streaks on the nail.

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