Targeted Phototherapy Treatment

Phototherapy consists of the delivery of light or ultraviolet radiation to treat various skin disorders. This field has seen several major advances over the years, the most recent being targeted phototherapy. Targeted phototherapy, also called concentrated phototherapy, focused phototherapy and micro phototherapy involve the delivery of ultraviolet radiation directly focused on, or targeted at, the skin lesion through special delivery mechanisms. The term 'targeted phototherapy' includes laser and nonlaser technologies. Targeted phototherapy depends on devices that can emit non-ionizing radiation that can penetrate the affected area of the skin. This can be achieved using different laser and non-laser sources. Excimer lasers operate in the ultraviolet range. Examples include the 193-nm argon-fluoride; 248-nm krypton-fluoride; 351-nm xenon-fluoride; and of particular interest to dermatology, the 308-nm xenon-chloride laser. These lasers utilize a mixture of noble gas and a halogen as a lasing material. These machines have several disadvantages such as high cost, huge weight and bulk, and difficulties in maintenance. They are available at only at a few specialist centers in India.

  • Targeted Phototherapy Treatment in Vikaspuri
  • Targeted Phototherapy therapy in Vikaspuri
  • Best Targeted Phototherapy Treatment in Vikaspuri

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